Radon Testing

Great Plains Radon makes Radon Testing quick, simple, and accurate. Great Plains Radon uses only top of the line Continuous Radon Monitors. Our Radon Measurement Specialist will show up to your house and set up a system at a scheduled time. Within 48hrs, the test is complete and the results are calculated.

Set up a Test

Call us at 402-591-9987 or Email us at greatplainshomeservices@gmail.com to schedule a time for a test. We will set up a time for our Radon Measurement Specialist to set up the test. The Radon Measurement Specialist will explain the protocols for testing, then set up the test in a the proper location. Our Premier Continuous Radon Monitor will run for 48hrs. When the test is complete, our Radon Measurement specialist will go over the Results with you, and whether to take further action, including Radon Mitigation.

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