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Friendly Service, Superior Results, Cleaner Air, every time. If you are not satisfied, we don’t expect you to pay. That’s our commitment & your guarantee. That’s 100% Great Plains.

Our 100% Great Plains Radon Guarantee is boldly etched on our front desk so that it is constantly visible to our employees and our guests. Our guarantee epitomizes the pride we take in our brand, our work, and our service to you, our client. We’ll do whatever it takes to make our clients feel informed, safe, and completely comfortable.

If our service is anything short of our 100% Guarantee, we will take any additional steps necessary for your satisfaction. Steps which which includes credit or refund for our services.
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Disclaimer: Great Plains Radon warrants the entire radon mitigation system installation & labor included for a period of one year from the date of installation. Great Plains Radon warrants the radon fan for an additional four-year period (five years total from the date of installation) This warranty is made specifically for the premises of install and is transferable to a new property owner. Warranty and guarantee are extended for a five-year period from the installation date.

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